Read what people are saying about Kerim's Triptych:

Kerim's Triptych is worth your time. From current events to technological, cultural and historical trends, and from Taiwan to Tamil Nadu, Kerim has a unique perspective, and always offers insightful commentary.

Darryl Sterk (Translator, and Academic)

I look forward to this delightful and surprising newsletter every week. It is a model for how to think broadly and deeply, with a genuine politics of solidarity.

Michelle Kuo (Author, Attorney, and Educator)

Kerim is a superb curator of news, culture, and the sciences. He reads widely and critically across disciplines, and his newsletter is full of links to incisive and illuminating essays. I highly recommend subscribing.

Mayfair Yang (Anthropologist)

Kerim's Triptych is a consistently informative newsletter that always delivers something interesting to my inbox.

Lorena Gibson (Anthropologist)

I find the short-form of Kerim’s Triptych to be an excellent source of insight and inspiration. This is a project well worth supporting.

— Andrew Kerslake (Educator)

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